Available Homes

 Occasionally an Acequia Jardin home comes on the market for resale. For current info check this page again. We are unable to answer individual inquiries.

To receive alerts by email when a home is being offered for sale, send us your contact info: AJcohousing@gmail.com

What you should know about living in Acequia Jardin:
  1. Acequia Jardin (“AJ”) is a cohousing community managed by its members. Decisions are made by a consent decision-making process called Dynamic Governance. All member-owners are expected to participate in the management and decisionmaking plus abide by community norms.
  2. All homes and Common Areas at AJ are part of the City-approved site plan that permanently regulates the drainage, structures, setbacks and landscaping. Individual and common lots must be in compliance with those regulatory plans.
  3. Key restrictions in AJ HOA Covenants are below. We urge prospective buyers to read and familiarize themselves with the Covenants and Bylaws in their entirety.
  • Architectural review is required for all “improvements” —all textures, colors and materials must be of the original architectural design;
  • Pets are limited to 2 dogs per household, 3 pets in total. Pets cannot roam – dogs must be on a leash when out of the owner’s enclosed yard; cats must be kept indoors or in enclosed yards;
  • Pest control must use approved nontoxic methods;
  • No commercial businesses are permitted by current zoning ordinance. Home offices are allowed, but no signs or advertising is permitted;
  • Homes cannot be used as rental property—they are to be owner-occupied. If an owner is away, temporary leasing–for up to one year only–is permitted;
  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere outside an owner’s home.
    To those looking to buy homes in Acequia Jardin —please understand this is an “intentional community” covered by Covenants & Restrictions and our Homeowners’ Association Bylaws. Carefully view this summary disclosure of our governing documents and ask your realtor, or contact us directly, for the complete set of documents.

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