What is Acequia Jardin?

Acequia Jardin is a co-housing community inspired by both traditional New Mexican villages and close-knit “pocket neighborhoods.” Our name comes from the Spanish acequia (irrigation ditch) and jardin (garden) and was chosen because of the historic Duranes Acequia that waters our community garden. Through a combination of neighborhood design and shared values of simplicity and living in harmony with the environment, we’ve created a community of ten households that encourages interacting with neighbors and looking after each other.

Home ownership also includes sharing the community garden, use of the guest casita, community room and common lands, and membership in the homeowners’ association (HOA). To manage our common property we meet every other month to make consensus-based decisions. Residents volunteer for specific tasks best suited to their inclinations and schedule. For maintenance tasks that need many hands we have occasional “work days,” sometimes followed by a shared meal.  We employ outside labor for tasks larger than our skills or abilities and expenses are paid by our monthly HOA assessment.

As a resident of Acequia Jardin you are also welcome to participate in our other activities. We currently have discussion groups, community workshops, and scheduled and impromptu community meals. Participation in all aspects of Acequia Jardin has helped create a mindful, cooperative community. Owners are encouraged to come up with their own ideas for the common room activities, maintenance of open space, landscaping, gardening and governance.

Some of our individual interests are gardening, native plants, writing, hiking, bicycling, yoga, art, theater, movies, photography, community-building and humanitarian activities, and enjoying the diversity of our friendships.

If you would like to learn more about our cohousing community, browse our website or  visit us during a scheduled Open House tour.  To learn more about cohousing and how to create communities, see http://www.cohousing.org, or these books: http://www.cohousingco.com/products


IMG_0572Acequia Jardin: A virtual tour on Photo Gallery


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