Built to be Green and Sustainable


Thoughtful +  sustainable + green design =

Living with less energy , creating community, growing food, sharing resources 

Conserving Energy/Conscious Use of Materials

  • Combination carbon monoxide/smoke detector
  • Continuous ventilation
  • Energy Star appliances
  • On-demand gas fired water heater
  • No tropical woods used
  • High filtration mechanical system
  • Plumbing fixtures: toilet 1.3 gpf; shower head 1.75gpm; faucets 1.5gpm
  • Walls r-22; roofs r-35; doors r-5; windows u 0.25 (lower the number the better the window, energy star requires 0.35); 2” foundation insulation r-10.
  • Locally produced materials whenever possible
  • Preoccupancy air flush
  • Low and no VOC sealants,joint compounds,paints,stains and sealers

 Conserving Water/Harvesting Food

  • Landscaping includes native, xeric and food producing plants.  Native landscape will encourage natural pollinators – bees and butterflies!
  • Pitched roof optimizes rain water harvesting.  Ability to flow to garden basins and rain barrels
  • Low flow toilets, showers and faucets
  • 3000 sq ft community garden work will produce ample vegetables for food
  • Acequia fed irrigation
  • Heat on demand hot water systems
  • Permeable driveway and parking areas
  • Green fencing – use of plant material for minimizing sound, creating boundaries

Conserving Energy /Tight Envelope

  • Well-Insulated  and tight walls (R-20) and ceilings (R-60)
  • Double wall system for common wall
  • Energy star high efficiency windows and doors
  • Connections for photovoltaic panels
  • Use of solar lighting for public areas
  • Use of CFL/LED lighting
  • Strategic placement of windows for optimal lighting and keeping homes cool

Conserving Consumption/Sharing Resources

  • Infill site — close to services, activities, bike paths, bus lines
  • Downsizing 10 large households into 10 small homes minimizes expenses and upkeep for all
  • Shared community tools and resources
  • Guest casita for visiting friends and family
  • Meeting facilities and group plaza for parties, celebrations, etc.
  • Nearby supportive neighbors

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