Why Acequia Jardin?

Four short years ago, a local builder and real estate broker had a vision of creating homes in which friends, family and community could live comfortably and vitally as they get older and are less eager and able to take care of a large home and yard. They intuitively knew and learned through research that those who age in community live longer, more connected, more enjoyable lives. They also had observed that many of the options for smaller homes and living environments for downsizers and those entering retirement are institutional , unimaginative and way our in the suburbs. Working with an inspired community of people and a thoughtful architect, they created a viable concept of small homes, close together and close to services and activities. The homes were thoughtfully designed with desired amenities to create a less complex lifestyle. We invite you to nestle into the cozy comfort of a small community of homes. We offer a place to live intelligently and responsibly in richly designed homes surrounded by lush, mostly edible, gardens.


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