About the Process

Bringing it Back –
A little info on our process and how Acequia Jardin was brought to life….

The home and acreage at 2334 Rio Grande Blvd. had been for sale for a very long time – nearly 4 years. We had a dream and a plan to bring vitality and value back to the land. Our proposed use for the land required a zone change.

The concept for our project takes its inspiration from other similar projects across the country and the ever more popular cohousing movement. One of the terms used for the concept we are creating is “pocket neighborhood”. 8-12 smaller homes are built surrounding a plaza or garden in an area tucked off a busy street or within the confines of a larger neighborhood.

In this particular “pocket” we are proposing the development of 8 small, high-end homes surrounding a landscaped courtyard and adjacent community garden. The open space, garden, and fruit trees will be irrigated by the historic acequia, which will be maintained and used. The homes will be attached in groups of 2.

These new homes will not be visible from Rio Grande and the existing house and landscape features will fundamentally remain the same. We will be refurbishing and restoring these original structures. The only change to the front portion of the property is the addition of a small, studio unit above the existing garage.

We believe the area and particular acreage is ideal for the project and the project ideal for the area for many reasons:

1. It is adjacent to commercial property, thus land use is already varied.

2. Rio Grande Boulevard is home to many types of homes, multi-unit complexes, businesses, and rural residential. This is ideal for a “pocket”.

3. The project will retain the character and essence of the North Valley. We will be retaining the original buildings, trees, setback, and use of the acequia.

4. The small homes will be privately owned and of high end, quality, green construction. They will be similar in quality to many of the homes in the immediate area – just a much smaller footprint.

5. There will be minimal traffic impact. Each home will house an average 2 residents. In addition the homeowners desire a walk able community therefore; there will be fewer cars to impact traffic.

6. The project will increase the safety and security of the surrounding area. People will be aware of each other’s coming and going and there generally will be someone “home”. This is in contrast to the typical solution of putting up a gate.

7. The development will be well maintained –built for longevity and quality. It will be self-managed and maintained as a homeowners’ association.

8. The development will be a good, green neighbor including water and energy saving features in construction, permeable driveways, and a small central covered parking area.

9. Homeowners are active boomer couples and singles downsizing their homes and giving up commuting to spend more time volunteering, gardening, traveling, and pursuing new creative interests.


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