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How Downsizing Made Me a Better Person

A friend and colleague of mine, Marianne, and I began talking about downsizing 4 years ago. Being strangled by our “stuff” and having to search far and wide in our own homes to find that book we were reading 3 days ago, we decided it was “all too much”.

I call myself a Boomer on the Cusp.  I’m just a few years younger that the majority of the boomers who are living longer with more energy and vitality.  Some are even living wiser and potentially with less — which is actually more. And, I’m viewing the changes in living undertaken by these boomers that is creating more.   More freedom, more time, more breathing space.  Can’t you feel it now ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

ImageDownsizing physically, mentally, spiritually, psychically is a path to not only more freedom, but potentially a path to a longer and higher quality of life.  And we boomers and boomers on the cusp need to embrace it.  Maybe all of us do.

Many more projects will come of this reflection and paring down, yet now, for Marianne and 9 other homeowners, we have developed and are building a community of small homes that live so very large.  At 800-900 sq ft, with shared community amenities, Acequia Jardin is potentially the way of future living and thriving for vital persons of the baby boom generation.  Please, please,please do not call them seniors.  None of us like it.  It just doesn’t fit anymore. And we are aging, but aging with a new attitude.  I hope to lead the way.

And, if you’re a wise boomer — check out Acequia Jardin in Albuquerque, New Mexico.   A thoughtful design and vibrant community of downsizers..


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